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Welcome to Clean Nigeria Associates Ltd/Gte

About Us

The Clean Nigeria Associates, a non-profit Organization and a co-operative of currently fifteen oil producing companies in Nigeria was formed in November 1981 due to increasing awareness in the need to... Read More

CNA Objectives

The objectives of the company are to promote the science of protecting, preserving and restoring the environment after oil spills. To achieve this objective the company is required amongst others:..... Read More.


During oil spill containment and cleanup operations, CNA functions under the sole direction and control of the member company requesting the assistance, providing specialist advice and full response activities..... Read More


All new and old (renewals) members shall complete the application form number CNA APPL.1 Provide all information required on the form with necessary attachments. New Members.... Read More

Spill Response Team

Dynamic Spill Response Team.


From personal experience, I saw clearly that the CNA personnel displayed a high level of competence and compliance with HSE requirements...

Emeili Chuks-SPDC

These guys are good spirited, good team work, experienced and hard working personnels. .

Erhabor Nosa - SPDC

We applaud the fine efforts that is charged towards a healthy environment for the people.


Skilled Manpower personnel

Our engineers are trained and well equipped with the right skill set to be at the top of their job .

With the right approach and with the best team in the field we are able to provide the right approach leading to the best of services and a clean environment.

Member Companies